UFO on the radar screen in the Republic of Yakutia

Les  17th Jan 2013 00:31:55

Uploaded on May 28, 2010
This video was recorded air traffic controllers in the city of Yakutsk, where you will see a radar zafiksiroval and "led" UFO Property Features: - speed of 9.8 thousand km \ h - the height of 19.7 thousand meters - instantly changes trajectory He also gave interference with aviation frequencies , complicating the work of pilots and controllers to control the plane (see video) in the world is such flying objects with features and will not in the near future, PS Here you see that the radar UFO assigned number 00000 as Radar sends a request to the aircraft and receives a response code number board, remaining fuel, etc. here it is from a UFO got no answer and the computer gave a default number 00000. The height and speed of the computer calculates automatically. To compare the speed of an ordinary airliner TU-154 850km / h AN-24 450km / h These cases were reported more than once in Yakutsk but managers were not there before cell phones for quick entry



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