Les  13rd Apr 2011 12:26:43

The sightings in this section are ones that are very convincing and selected from the thousands of sightings on the internet and YouTube.

NOTE: The videos on have a full screen button at the bottom right of each video.
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2 UFO's seen from deck Friday May 13th 2011

Les  14th May 2011 12:06:14


Balls of light in the sky above Japan

Les  20th Apr 2011 11:42:33

They are not saucer shaped they are spherical.
I think people should get worried if they see balls of light in the sky above them. The UFOs seem most interested in disasters and radiation.


UFOs at Sakurajima, Japan After Volcano Errupts!
April 3, 2011

Les  13rd Apr 2011 23:08:08

These are quad video taken from the Sakurajima live webcams.
The first video is dated 11th March 2011 (going by the clock in the bottom right of the video). It starts at 00:00 Midnight and finishes at 04:00.
The second video is dated 4th April 2011 and it's starts at 04:00 and finishes at 08:00.

The reason I'm showing these videos is because there are UFOs (lights) hovering in the sky above the volcano that can be seen in both of the top pictures.

The top left picture also has what looks like UFOs flying backwards and forwards in a straight line at the bottom of the volcano. These lights stop at about 05:30 in the second video.

I've watched these videos quite a few time now and I've come to the conclusion that there is a road there at the foot of the volcano. What you can see is the headlights of the cars driving by. They are flashing unevenly because the road is behind a row of trees. The lights stop at about 05:30 on the second video. That must be the time when the sun comes up and the drivers turn off the headlight. The lights look like they are too fast to be cars going by until you realise that the video is playing at high speed. Watch the clocks at the bottom right side of each video and you'll see that the minutes are going by at about 1 per second.


CBS Radio News Report - The Battle of Los Angeles 1942

Les  19th Mar 2011 13:53:42

Known as 'The Battle of Los Angeles' this event took place late night 24th and early 25th Febuary 1942.
Originally thought to be Japanese bombers over the United States the craft were flying too high and too slow. Not one of the hundreds of artillery shells hit their target. People watching that night said the object was not a plane or barrage balloon. It seemed to just float or glide along.


UFO footage from airliner over Tokyo

Les  14th May 2011 23:42:24

Just uploaded but almost a year old. Recorded on the 5th June 2010. It's a good sighting.


Ufo video unedited - Recorded on April 23, 2011

Les  1st May 2011 22:54:58

This video seems very real because of the reactions of the people you can hear in the background. It all sounds very natural. They are not shouting things like 'Oh My God' and 'What the hell?'. They are calmly talking about the lights in the sky and discuss whether they are birds or not.

Best seen in full screen because the lights in the sky are very small.



Les  16th Apr 2011 19:17:21

WITTNESS STATEMENT: "While viewing over my video of Brighton pier last Sunday 10/04/11. I noticed a silver ball in the sky, I had not seen this while filming it."



Les  13rd Apr 2011 14:32:05

This is one of at least 5 videos of the same event.

I used this one because there is less bad language in it and also when the man turns the camera 'round to speak to the camera you can see his friend telling someone about it on his phone. All the videos look and sound genuine.


Pilot UFO Sighting

Les  2nd Apr 2011 15:40:16

I don't like to use clips from channels like History or Discovery because they seem to always have some useless sceptic on the program that obviously has never actually bothered to even considered any of the facts.

Although this time as I was watching this I realised that one of the sceptics ideas that they must be secret US military aircraft is proven to be totally wrong by this clip. If they were military aircraft why would military aircraft be scrambled to intercept them?


Ancient Japanese UFO sighting

Les  29th Mar 2011 16:51:50

This one was uploaded onto YouTube in 2007 but it's new to me.


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