Les  13rd Apr 2011 12:26:43

The sightings in this section are ones that are very convincing and selected from the thousands of sightings on the internet and YouTube.

NOTE: The videos on have a full screen button at the bottom right of each video.
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UFO spotted above Hertfordshire By BBC Sports Reporter

Les  3rd Aug 2011 17:35:29

Sports reporter Mike Sewell saw a UFO in morning so BBC 5 live Breakfast speaks to a UFO expert Tim Good who explains what it could have been.

UFO spotted above Hertfordshire


Very clear footage of a UFO from Airplane over Japan June 2011

Les  18th Jun 2011 10:03:06

A strange dark object in the clouds.


UFO following a Russian missile, May 2011

Les  27th May 2011 13:50:37

This video is in Spanish with English subtitles.

This is not the first time that a UFO has been spotted following a Russian missile. It happened in May 22, 2009 and now again in late April 2011.


Space Shuttle Endeavour's UFO photos

Les  27th May 2011 13:21:26

This video is in Spanish with English subtitles.

As Endeavour is on its last mission here is a brief history of the Space Shuttle. There are also many photos of UFO sightings taken from Endeavour that are not satellites or space junk.

The video also includes a section on NASA experiments on transpermia. They are testing to see if microbes can survive travelling through space. In this case they are interested in microbes from Phobos a moon of Mars, travelling through space to Earth.


UFO Filmed By Police Helicopter In Brighton England
August 11 2000

Les  17th May 2011 14:31:10

Some people commented saying it was a Chinese lantern in fast wind.

How does a Chinese lantern out-run a helicopter?
How fast does the wind blow?
How fast can a helicopter fly?
How does the flame stay alight in a fast wind?

I think the helicopter would be able to catch up whatever wind speed it was, especially if the same wind was behind the helicopter too!

This video was also shown on Japanese TV
You can hear the pilots conversations and it's without the silly comments and without the silly X-Files music that seems to be dubbed on to almost every UFO story on TV news. (I do not understand everything the Japanese presenter is saying.)


Pilot Captain Ray Bowyer describes his Mile Wide ufo sighting

Les  28th Jul 2011 11:18:13

The pilots of two planes and the passengers on one of the planes all saw the UFO.

Richard and Judy deserve a medal for conduction an interview about a UFO sighting without ridicule. It's a pity that most mainstream media interviews about UFOs are not done this way.


UFO over Montebello California July 10, 2011

Les  13rd Jul 2011 23:14:19

I tend to believe this type of video more partly because there's no-one saying OMG WTF and over acting etc.

The young man saw a round white object in the sky while leaving his aunts house. He asked his dad to stop and he got his camera and recorded this video at about 5:54 PM.

There is a lot of camera shake in some close up shots but I've watched it a few times and the object seems to be shaking with the clouds.
I can not see any extra movement that might be caused by a misaligned computer graphic overlay.



Alien Abduction Filmed On CCTV December 2010

Les  10th Jun 2011 00:16:18

After saying she had be abducted and remembering parts of the experience the lady's husband suggested installing a CCTV camera in the bedroom.

The video appears to show the lady gradually disappear and then hours later reapears.


UFO Watches U2 Concert May 24, 2011

Les  30th May 2011 13:44:59

Hundreds of people saw this UFO. They said it was not a helicopter or blimp.

Were the E.T.s interested in the gathering of thousands of people all in one place or do they have an appreciation for rock music?


Marines saw UFOs in Iraq

Les  20th May 2011 13:40:35

Vertical streaks of light in the night sky over Iraq, caught on tape by US soldiers through using night vision camera.


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