How to run cars on water

Les  5th Jun 2012 10:00:39

There are many things wrong in the world but the main one is money. For a long time now if an idea is not going to make money or if it is going to lose a company money then that idea is likely to be hidden away and kept secret. So just imagine an idea that would cost the oil companies billions and maybe even put them out of business.

Just imagine if someone came up with a way of running a car on water. "It can't be done" I can hear you say "It's impossible". Well many people in the past say they have done just that. Some even got on to television news but were immediately ridiculed and made to look like con-artists with comments like "It must be a trick" and "There must be a hidden petrol tank".

So why didn't those people just say how their car ran on water? Simple; they wanted to make millions out of their invention. So in the end the oil companies stay happy because they're still making billions every day and no car company will ever even entertain the notion of making a water powered car because they don't want to be associated with those 'cranks' that say they have invented one.

So who is the loser here? Well of cause the inventor loses because he doesn't make his millions and is made to look like a compete idiot but the biggest loser is the population of the world and the world itself.

I could go through the list of all of the people that invented cars that they say ran on water or on free energy starting with Tesla in 1930 to a man on YouTube I saw the other night running a motorbike on water but I don't need to. Apart from the man with his water powered motorbike they all failed because they kept their invention a secret and were immediately ridiculed. The man with the water powered motorbike will go the same way because he said in the video that he's keeping the invention a secret because he thinks he can make millions.

Water and its Power
Very clean water like distilled water is a good insulator. i.e.: if you try to pass electricity through clean water it doesn't work. So by adding something like salt to the water electricity passes easily through it. The salt is said to be the electrolyte. I've tried this with salt and it works but Bicarbonate of soda is a better electrolyte and doesn't leave any or very little residue in the water.

While the direct current electricity is flowing through the water a few things happen. The anode (+) loses metal and the cathode (-) collects the metal (That's how electro-plating is done). The other thing that happens is that the flowing electrons through the water (H2O) excite the Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules and they separate and form bubbles that float to the top of the water. This gas made of two thirds Hydrogen and one third Oxygen is very flammable. This whole process is called electrolysis but it is very inefficient. The power you get from burning the Hydrogen and Oxygen gas is less that the electrical energy you needed to make the gas.

So for a while I've been thinking how to make this process more efficient. Then I saw a video on YouTube where a man was using radio waves to kill cancer cells and accidentally discovered that these radio waves were able to burn salt water. He showed a test tube of salt water in front of his radio wave transmitter and then lighting it. A very hot flame was coming from the top of the test tube.

Obviously the radio waves were exciting the Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules in the same sort of way as electrolysis does. The radio wave frequency must be very high to do this so he must have been using microwaves.

So as microwave ovens are used to heat up food more efficiently than normal cookers by exciting the water molecules in food, a higher frequency could be used to excite the Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules to separate them in water much more efficiently than using normal electrolysis.

As I don't know how to build a microwave generator and don't want to put anyone’s health at risk by any stray microwaves I though I couldn't really try it out. So I was stuck again. I had to find another way of running a car on water.

Then I saw the video of the man with the water powered motorbike who said he is using a petrol engine and to make it run on water all he had to do was make a minor adjustment to the carburettor. The fuel is normal water but he adding his secret ingredient to the water. After he added the secret ingredient (off camera) the water looked just the same and the woman interviewer smelt it and said it doesn't small any different.

So as I hate the fact that people like him are keeping secrets to try and make money from something that could change the world, it got me thinking. What could that secret ingredient be? Then after a few days I realised what it was. All he is doing is adding something like Bicarbonate of Soda to the water and he'll be using distilled water so that the engine stays clean.

Instead of the carburettor spraying petrol into the piston chamber it is spraying water with an electrolyte in it. The high voltage spark of the spark-plug causes electrolysis through the water, release the HHO gas and also ignites the HHO gas. It's simple and very efficient. A four stroke engine would need to be used because a two stroke engine needs oil mixed with the fuel for lubrication.

That's his secret of the water powered internal combustion engine. Make sure you tell everyone. Make sure it doesn't remain a secret any longer. If we wait for the big car companies to invent a water powered car we'll be waiting forever. The car companies will make money anyway and they don't need to upset the balance. We do! So tell everyone now!



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