The Sun Newspaper: ET ‘spying on Abbey’
Royal Wedding UFO

Les  29th Apr 2011 21:06:33

[written on the day of the royal wedding]
'The Sun' is just being silly or deliberately dishonest.

After seeing this Sun article I first looked on a few weather websites and they all showed exactly what I thought. Yesterday it was 'mostly cloudy' in London. Just like today.

Wedding: ET ‘spying on Abbey’

Yet in the article, the video of a UFO over Westminster Abbey shows a cloudless beautiful blue sky.

The truth is that it didn't happened yesterday.
The video below was the one used by this 'Sun' article but was actually uploaded to YouTube by retrobanana1973 on the 3rd April 2011 and according to the description it was recorded on the 19th March 2011. Long before the wedding!

It's a good sighting and worth watching even if 'The Sun' are being childish.



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