Washington Post: UFO files released by the UK government

Les  10th Mar 2011 14:26:03

Washington Post: UFO files released by the UK government: Balls of light, alien autopsy and more Posted at 1:24 PM ET, 03/ 3/2011

Why did the UK government keep secret this childish UFO drawing with rocket flames coming out of it's feet, propellers and religious symbols? I suppose it's in the Washington Post article to make people who see UFOs seem ridiculous.

This is the Telegraph page mentioned in the news story above:
Telegraph: UFO sightings caught on film Posted at 12:01AM GMT 03 Mar 2011

They have put together a short video using three UFO clips. The second clip they use is the UFO over Jerusalem clip that is a definite fake. They even acknowledge the fact by saying "The authenticity of the clip has been widely debated online". So why didn't they use one of the other three videos?
I think this clip must have been distributed to all of the news media outlets knowing that they wouldn't bother looking at the other clips once they had this one.



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