Are Rocket Engines Obsolete? - Jim Marrs

Les  1st Jul 2012 11:42:30

Author and Researcher Jim Marrs - We have come a long way since the days of the 1950s, when the big question concerning "flying saucers" was "Do they come from Mars or Venus?".

Today, a much more sophisticated audience asks about worm holes, hyper-dimensional travel and electro-magnetic wave energy. Cutting edge physics is rapidly bringing thoughtful people to the point of at least understanding the concepts which may begin to explain the propulsion systems of UFOs. But is this something truly new and modern or are we just now rediscovering technology that may have existed on the Earth thousands of years ago?

Was this technology depicted in the Bible and the ancient Hindu Vedas? The national security state of Germany during World War II by all accounts was on the track of such technology and there is evidence that the new national security state of the United States has secretly continued this work. There is even tantalizing evidence to suggest that the impetuous attack on Iraq may have been more about the desire to gain control over ancient technology than to obtain new oil supplies.

Whichever nation can first control energy at the atomic and sub-atomic level will become the leader in the search for free and clean energy production, faster-than-light speed, anti-gravity and perhaps even dimensional and time travel. How close are we to such technology? Have we reached it already?

(Don't be put off by the sound quality (slight feedback) or the cheapness of the production. Jim reveals a lot of information that we should all know about.)




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