Satellite Tracker

Les  11st Aug 2011 11:46:45

A guide to objects that move in the night's sky

Moving objects that flash with red, green and white lights are planes.
Moving objects that look like moving stars that just go in a straight line are satellites.
Moving objects that change direction, sometimes very bright and with no noise are the things to look for.

I found this on the internet and it is very useful to tell if what you are seeing is a satellite or not. You need to allow a plus or minus a minute or so because it is not exactly real time but close.

You can position it to where you live and the click on the save button and it will remember your settings.

Satellite Tracker

During the winter months orbiting objects, satellites and space junk are not generally visible at night. This is because the tilt of the Earth is such that the Earth itself blocks sunlight from hitting anything in orbit in the nights sky. So if the objects are not lit by the Sun they are not visible.
During summer months the tilt of the Earth is towards the Sun so at night the orbiting objects are lit and become visible.

This of cause means that if you see a ball of light going across the sky in winter and it doesn't have red and green strobe lights, changes direction and is sometimes very bright then it is quite likely to be an alien craft.



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