Planet X Nibiru, Atlantis and Ancient Astronauts

Les  18th Jun 2011 14:23:09

This is a collection of videos (they look like VHS) that nicely give an insight into the information contained in the ancient Sumerian texts written on about 5000 cylinder seals and tablets.

The Sumerians wrote about the Anunnaki; an alien civilisation from the planet Nibiru (AKA Planet X). Nibiru is said to be on a huge elliptical orbit of the sun that takes around 3600 Earth years. The Sumerians knew about the solar system long before our civilisation realised the earth wasn't flat. They knew about the 9 planets (including Pluto) but also included Nibiru and for certain reasons that they give they also included the Moon. So including the Sun they always talked about 12 bodies in our solar system.

The Sumerian texts say that we humans look like the Anunnaki because they genetically altered our ancient ancestors. The reason being that they needed slaves to work for them. So we look like them but they limited us to use only 10% of our brain.

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