UFO Congress - Interview With Stanton Friedman 2011

Les  25th May 2011 12:28:05

I've used this video because Stanton Friedman always seems to come out with things that I already thought but he just has a great knack of putting his words together in the most effective way.

Stanton Friedman talks about how debunkers work but how scepticism is a good thing. There is a difference between a sceptic and a debunker. A sceptic says "Maybe, lets check the facts". The debunkers say "I know what the answer is! These things can't possibly be real." and if his first explanation doesn't work he'll try a second one, and a third one etc.

On the positive side, once in a while debunkers do point out things that were overlooked and that forces people to go back and do their homework to prove the debunker wrong (or right).

On the negative side, debunkers tend to scare people away from even speaking out publicly because they tend to attack the people personally rather than convey any real argument against the evidence.

I think everyone should be sceptical. Don't just believe everything you see and hear from either sides of the UFO debate. Study the subject, get as much information as you can and you'll be able to make your own mind up.

Of course I do think that the more you learn about UFOs the more you'll come to the opinion that I have, that Extraterrestrial UFOs do exist and are visiting the Earth. A lot of the arguments I hear from people who don't believe in UFOs, only show how little they actually know about the subject.



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